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Sweeper Actisweep V13

Our top-of-the-range broom is robust enough to be used intensively in the most demanding sectors, such as methanisation units, recycling centres and road works.

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Product benefits

Patent V-Concept

Designed for large quantities of waste or materials, the patented Actisweep V-Concept system is based on a V-shaped arrangement of the rows of front brushes. This refocuses the material in the centre of the broom and avoids making swaths on the sides. This makes sweeping faster and more efficient..

1000 km of sweeping

Thanks to its wear resistance and high density per row, the Actisweep brush has a lifespan of up to 1000 kms!

Can be fitted on all types of machine

On tractors, forklift trucks, excavators or other machines, the Actisweep broom can be fitted to all types of machinery. A large number of different adaptations have been designed for rapid assembly on your machines (5 to 10 seconds). Actisweep adapters are hot-dip galvanised for extra protection.

Dense and rigid brushes

Made from 30 cm-high polypropylene, the fibre used in the Actisweep brushes has undergone several years of research and constant improvement to ensure even greater efficiency.

With a diameter of 3-4 mm, the density of the fibre ensures durability over time and effectiveness on a daily basis..

Better corrosion resistance

With a sturdy frame made from thick steel, epoxy-painted and hot-dip galvanised adaptors for extra protection, the Actisweep broom will last for years and is fully protected against corrosion..

No maintenance

No hydraulic connections, no breakdowns, no special maintenance. All you need to do is clean the brushes and hose them down. You don't even have to hang it up to store it, you can just place it in a corner of your workshop on its brushes, which can easily support the weight of the chassis!

Can be used on all types of surfaces

The density and quality of our brushes ensure effective sweeping on all types of surface. The successive rows of brushes can be adapted to suit all types of soil and surface.

Once it's hitched up, there's no need to push down on the broom, just drive forward!

Large quantity of material pushed

4 times more efficient than a rotary sweeper thanks to patented V-Concept technology, the Actisweep broom can push large quantities of heavy waste or even evacuate it to the side thanks to the angulation kit.

Easy brush replacement

After 1000 kms of use, you can replace the brush set on your Actisweep. Simply order a set of brushes (available in stock).Once delivered, simply unscrew the brush sides, slide out the rows of used brushes, insert the new brushes into the rails and screw the sides back on. The operation takes about 15 minutes

High availability

To ensure a quality service, we have important stocks, enabling us to respond quickly to our customers' needs.

Whether it's brooms, brushes, adaptors or options, our stock enables us to deliver within a fortnight

I want to try the broom for free!

we're offering you the chance to try the Actisweep push broom on site for free for a week! All you have to do is fill in the contact form by clicking on the link opposite to request a free trial.

Technical data

The Actisweep V13 push broom: Power and performance for everyday cleaning!

Discover our Actisweep V13 push broom. The number "13" is for the number of rows of brushes on the broom; it's the most powerful, high-performance broom in our range. This V13 push broom will be an invaluable ally for all your daily cleaning operations.

The secret to the efficiency of the Actisweep V13 push broom lies in a unique patented system: the V-Concept®! This revolutionary concept simply consists of placing the brushes in a V shape on the pusher broom, which concentrates the material being pushed in the centre of the Actisweep broom. This concept greatly improves sweeping efficiency. 

Thanks to the V-shaped orientation of the brushes, the Actisweep V13 push broom enables sweepings to be collected in the centre of the broom, thus eliminating swaths, which would otherwise have had to be crossed.

The Actisweep push broom has a sturdy structure made of thick folded steel, guaranteeing unfailing durability.

The features of the Actisweep V13 push broom include thirteen rows of solid polypropylene fibres 300 mm high comprising :

  • 8 straight rows at the rear

  • 3 rows forming a "V" at the front to collect waste in the centre of the broom

  • 2 small rows at the tip of the "V" to create a more even distribution of waste and avoid the accumulation of sweepings.

For evermore, the brushes are easily interchangeable, making the product even more durable.

Enhance your standard brushes with a finishing brush kit of finer bristles in greater abundance for superior sweeping, especially of fine dust.

Available sizes of Actisweep V13 push broom

Actisweep V-Concept 13-1500

L1533mm x 800mm x H300mm
(Ref : CE86A001-A)

Actisweep V-Concept 13-1800

L1840mm x 800mm x H300mm
(Ref : CE86A001-B)

Actisweep V-Concept 13-2400

L2440mm x 800mm x H300mm
(Ref : CE86A001-C)

Actisweep V-Concept 13-3000

L3066mm x 1050mm x H300mm
(Ref : CE86A001-D)

Actisweep V-Concept 13-3600

L3680mm x 1050mm x H300mm
(Ref : CE86A001-E)

Actisweep V-Concept 13-4800

L4880mm x 1050mm x H300mm
(Ref : CE86A001-F)

Options and accessories for Actisweep V13

All our products are in stock and can be delivered within a fortnight!

Adaptations for Actisweep V13

Standard forks

Adaptation for forklift forks, suitable for all types of forks with a width and height of less than 190 x 65 mm.

Standard bucket

Universal adapter for standard buckets and forks, suitable for all types of buckets and forks.

Bale gripper

Universal adapter for bale grippers and forklift forks, suitable for all types of grippers and forks.

Loader (alligator clip bucket)

Universal adapter for buckets and forks, suitable for all types of buckets and forks.

Front end loader

Quick hitch for all types of front loader (Euroquick compatible...).

3 points attachment

Universal adaptation for tractors, direct attachment to traditional 3-point hitches.

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Actisweep V13 options

Anti scattering kit

Thanks to its V-shape, this option adds a 2nd collection area (15cm on each side) and allows you to pass along walls and kerbs, minimising the risk of snagging the structure.

Angulation kit

Allows the broom to be angled to swath the sides.

Strengthened frame

Heavy-gauge steel frame protects the broom all round.

Finishing brush

Thanks to a very fine fibre and denser bristles, the finishing brush provides superior sweeping for very fine dust.

Side visibility stick kit

Length 1000 mm, to be fitted on either side of the brush.

Storage legs

Allows the broom to be stored on a rack or high up for greater stability and to prevent it from falling.

See the Actisweep V13 push broom in action


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All our products are in stock and can be delivered within a fortnight!

Discover the rest of the range

Actisweep V7

The Actisweep V7 push broom represents our economical range. Just as effective as its big brothers, it simply has fewer rows of brushes and fewer options and adaptations. But it's just as quick to set up. It's the ideal broom for occasional use!

Actisweep V9

The Actisweep V9 push broom is built on the same chassis as the V13 but has only 9 rows of brushes to prevent sticky materials from clumping together between the brushes. It is particularly used and effective by breeders and riding schools.

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